Maria Island

The East Coast of Tasmania is home to Maria Island, a place where nature and history combine to offer a unique experience for visitors - sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, mountain-top vistas, abundant wildlife, and a rich human history combine.

Maria Island's combination of gentle terrain, no cars, and stunning scenery make it a cyclist's paradise. With many roads and vehicle tracks available, cycling is an ideal way to explore the island. The tracks in the north of the park are accessible to most cyclists, while the more experienced ones can head south to reach more remote areas. Riding allows you to cover more ground than walking, which is particularly useful if you have limited time.

The eastern side of Maria Island boasts stunning cliffs, which offer a prime location to observe the ocean's birdlife, with diving and swooping a common sight. During whale migration season, visitors may even be lucky enough to spot these magnificent creatures. On the western side of the island, the Painted Cliffs are a breathtaking natural spectacle, displaying the power of nature through the sandstone's weathered contours. Wind and waves have eroded the sandstone, exposing an impressive facade.

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