kunanyi / Mt Wellington Shuttles

We operate a shuttle service taking riders and their bikes from our South Hobart office to three drop off points on Mt Wellington.

Pick up:
Our office, 473 Macquarie St, South Hobart.

Drop offs:

  • Fern Tree, approx 400m above sea level - shuttle price $20 per person
  • The Springs, approx 750m above sea level - shuttle price $25 per person
  • The Summit - 1270m above sea level - shuttle price $40 per person


Shuttle Timetable

The shuttle runs almost daily during the summer.
During spring and autumn, the frequency reduces.
In winter, it's more occasional.

During the summer months, the shuttle departs at 9am, and 1pm on Saturdays.

For the rest of the year, the shuttle departs at 10am.



For a group of two or more riders, you can book your seats automatically through our booking platform (subject to availability). The shuttle booking link is below.

For single riders, please contact us to check on availability. If the shuttle is running and there's a single seat available, we'll provide you with booking instructions.


Private Shuttles

This is popular with groups wanting a bespoke, tailored trail riding experience on Mt Wellington.