Hobart Mountain Bike Trails

Hobart has a great variety of mountain bike trails that all levels of ability can enjoy.

The most popular and expansive trail networks around the city are:

There are smaller trail networks to explore in the Greater Hobart Region, these include:


Mt Wellington Bike Tours & Shuttle

If you're looking for a bike and a ride, maybe one of our tours will satisfy your needs:

We also run a MTB shuttle service taking riders and their bikes up Mt. Wellington.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Adventures has its office in South Hobart, which is the main hub for the Mt. Wellington trail network.

We help thousands of riders every year access and enjoy the great trails on kunanyi / Mt. Wellington.

Trail maps and on-trail navigation

To view an interactive map of Hobart's trails, we suggest looking at the Trailforks website.

There are a number of mobile apps that are extremely useful for on-trail navigation. They have real-time GPS tracking which show your exact location on the trails. Trail navigation mobile apps include TrailForks and AllTrails.

Council-sanctioned trails have trail signs at the start of the trail. There are also many unsanctioned trails in the Hobart network, and the majority have no signage. Navigation apps are really helpful for planning a route on unsigned trails.