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Here's some online resources which you might find useful when planning a visit to Hobart or beyond.


Things to do close to our office

What else can you do in South Hobart? Why not hang around awhile after the tour. Talk to our staff and guides, they'll point you in the right direction.

Rivulet Track
This walking/riding track is right behind our office. It follows a beautiful waterway; keep your eyes peeled on the tracks for local wildlife and see if you can spot a platypus in the rivulet. Go one way, and you'll stroll into the outskirts of the city. Turn the other way, you'll walk up to the Cascade Brewery. On the way you'll pass the historic Cascades Female Factory and then through the Cascade Gardens to the Cascade Brewery.  

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site
The World Heritage listed Cascades Female Factory will give you insight into the life and contribution of female and child convicts in the early 1800s.

Cascade Brewery Bar
Consider stopping for a local beverage and a bite to eat at the Cascade Brewery Bar, or take a tour of the brewery. 

Need to refuel?
Across the road from our office is Ginger Brown Cafe - a favourite breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot for Hobart locals.

Cascade Hotel
Just 150 metres up the road from our office is this historic pub. They've been serving South Hobartians since 1846. You can grab a good meal and a drink. It also has a bottle shop.

Need more supplies?
Three blocks down Macquarie Street is The Hill Street Grocer, or check out our local IGA (Macquarie Store) opposite the office.

South Hobart Football Club (soccer)
If you're riding with us on a weekend and fancy watching one of the State's top soccer clubs, there might be game happening. Check for the season schedule. South Hobart FC's ground is just a two minute walk from our office.


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